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Spiritual Gifts?

If you are a Christian then you have at least ONE spiritual gift with which to serve God and edify the church. Your spiritual gift is more than a natural talent or ability. Instead, it is a God-given "enabling" that allows you to serve in an area that God has equipped you for (Eph 2:10).
Most Christians have more than one gift and there are times when God gives us a spiritual gift for a certain situation. Let me give you an example: "I (Pastor Frank) do not naturally have the gift of mercy and compassion. However, I have found that there are times when I am called upon to render ministry to people going through a very tramatic time, such as a medical emergency. During such times, I have experienced God giving me an ability to comfort and encourage that goes beyond my normal way of doing things." If you want to learn more about what YOUR Spiritual Gift might be, then I strongly encourage you to take the online survey. Just click the button and follow the directions:

A List of some Spiritual Gifts:

Romans 12:
exhortation, giving, leadership, mercy,
prophecy, service, teaching.

1 Corinthians 12:
administration, apostle, discernment
faith, healing, helps, knowledge, miracles, prophecy, teaching, tongues, tongues interpretation, wisdom.

Ephesians 4:
apostle, evangelism, pastor, prophecy, teaching

Misc. Passages
voluntary poverty

There is a place for you!

Evangelism / Outreach Short-term Missions Sunday School Teacher
Awana Leader
Awana Games Director
Writing to Missionaries
Writing to College Students
Nursing Home Outreach
Help with Meals
Help with decorating church
Help with Kitchen duties
Help with Sound System
Drama Director
Leadership Development
Small Group Ministry
Men's Bible Study
Women's Bible Study
Office Help
See the Pastor if you are interested in serving in any of these areas of need!