Para-Church Ministries

Marriage and Family:

Today's families are under attack by various forces seeking its demise. Yet, the Bible continues to hold out as God's guide book for marriage, parenting, and relationships. That's why we recommend the Focus on the Family website. It is filled with helpful information that is bound to be a blessing to you.

Financial Resources:

The American Family is undergoing tremendous stress in "making ends meet." The Bible has a lot to say that can help us. Crown Financial Ministry is here to help as well. Begin your journey by looking up Crown's resource called "The Money Map." This map is an excellent tool that may be a big help in getting your financial house in order. Take a look!

Online Bible:

The Bible is God's Word to all of us. In its pages we come to know a personal God who loves us and has a plan to redeem us and to give us a hope and a future. Though there is nothing like holding the Bible in your hand, this online website gives you the Bible at the speed of a mouse click.
C.A.R.M. Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry